Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eva Longoria's Sex Tape

Celebrity sex tapes are all the rage, so it was probably no surprise to you when you heard that Eva Longoria had one. Let's be honest though - I was seeing that tape. Not only do I love the San Antonio Spurs, but Eva is in my BCS Top 5. Well, it turns out that Funny or Die has the clip of her sex tape (it is SFW unless the green, nightvision stuff bothers you.

As I'm sure you can surmise, the whole thing was a fake. I guess the whole rumor started because some entertainment show did a teaser about an Eva Longoria sex tape and so some porn site put out a bunch of torrents saying that if you registered with them you could get exclusive access, and, BAM!, now you have one of the weekend's hottest rumors.

In other news, the guy in that video trying to do a Will Ferrell impression is also known as Eric Christian Olsen (aka Perry Hilton, I guess) of such movie fame as Not Another Teen Movie, Mean People Suck and The Hot Chick. Not impressed by his resume? Maybe another look at him trying to imitate Will Ferrell with help.

Still not funny? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Unless by funny you mean you want to punch him in the face. To make up for it, here's a ridiculous SNL skit with Will Ferrell.

At this point I just have one request two requests:

1) Can we keep Eric Olsen out of the spotlight? He's not funny and is trying to steal Will Ferrell's bit.

2) Can we please not have any more fake celebrity sex tapes please? There's nothing worse than waiting to see a grainy, taped-far-too-close, no makeup and shitty angled version of two people preparing for some skeet throwing and not getting it. Please.


Ross said...

Life's tasty

D Wheezy said...

Apparently Eric Olsen is all about poor imitations of other, much funnier people.

I wouldn't recommend watching that entire clip. Only one thing from the title of that video is true, and it rhymes with "schma schmip from Dumber and Dumberer".

Ben said...

i thought he did about a good as impersonation as you could hope of lloyd christmas. and he looks like him too.

Ross said...

"Only one thing from the title of that video is true, and it rhymes with 'schma schmip from Dumber and Dumberer'"

Dan- what does this mean?