Wednesday, October 10, 2007

R. Kelly Breaks the 4th Wall

Remember when R. Kelly released the DVD of Trapped in the Closet? I guess I didn't realize it, but there are 22 parts to that thing. 22! And you can watch all 22 parts for free here (I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure why you'd do it except for the comedy - the midget that jumps out of the cabinet - part 10 I think - makes me laugh every time).

In any case, R. Kelly, has taken everything to a new level. With his new song, Real Talk. Not only does he sing in rhyme, but he also mixes in some communication directly to the audience.

Only R. Kelly could use the "Were there other guys in the same place as me because even though I was hooking up with those chicks they were probably there with another dude plus I gave you money to get your hair and nails done" defense as a way to get say he wasn't cheating.

And why are those dudes fighting in the studio? Did they just realize that R. Kelly had used that defense with them when he was at their daughter's high-school prom? "Were there other dudes at that prom? Were there other dudes? Yes, I was there and your daughter was there, but I didn't pee on her. Were there other dudes there? They probably peed on her. Didn't I give you money? Go ahead and burn my clothes. I don't give a f---." I guarantee you that one guy was already on edge because R. Kelly showed up at his daughter's prom, and now that other dude was jabbing him about it and then the fight broke out. Right in the middle of R Kelly's song. Let him finish the song boys. Can't you see its a work of art? Just like most things (but not everything) that Will Ferrell does.

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