Friday, December 14, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Some People Are Idiots

Do you remember the first time you saw an escalator? I had to be like 3 and just amazed. But my mom said not to play on it because it could easily chop your fingers off. This, of course, made me more intrigued by them and I used to try and run up them backwards and do all kinds of stupid things. But I always knew my limits so I didn't fall down and get sucked underneath it like some crazy department-store death wheel that would spin me around and around. Apparently this girl does not know her limits.

Well done, chica. How awesome would it have been if it carried her like 5 feet higher and then she has to figure out how to get back down the escalator? I have always wanted an escalator in my house, but now I want one even more. Why? Because I would try to dupe people into that kind of situation.

Have a good weekend.

* If you click on the video and goto the YouTube page, I'm not sure why the video was titled that. I found this video and was looking for a shorter version and stumbled on that. Honestly.


D Wheezy said...

Well now that I see the title you were talking about on that video at least I know the real reason you want one of those in your house.

Double M said...

You got me. I think things could get crazy with an escalator in mi casa.