Thursday, December 27, 2007

Even The Smoothest People Have Rough Days

I used to listen to Casey Kasem do the Top 40 every Sunday when I was driving home from church (sadly he's been replaced by Ryan Seacrest). Casey has one of the smoothest voices I had ever heard, but I always wondered how he kept his cool reading through all of the BS he had to. Apparently he just has a good editing staff (careful on the language in this video).

To me, it is freaking hilarious to hear someone like Casey go off like that. I guess it just shows you that everyone has rough days, even people that I've never met but have smooth voices (I wonder what it would be like to hear Barry White recite that)...

Anyway, now that I've heard that, I wonder whether Casey had this kind of explosions at all of his voice-over gigs.

"And powdered too? Who's using powdered stuff? And how much shaving do you really need to do? Is that something you want to be telling f-ing everybody?...What is 'It does and it doesn't' even mean? Can we make a concerted effort to get a decent writing staff in here? F-."

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