Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Year In Recap: May

The frequency of these things is going to have to increase if I hope to get them done by the new year. Next on the list is May. On a side note, May started one of the best summer movie runs all-time. There are 10+ movies I enjoyed this summer. Anyway, here's the recap.

Capitalizing on the summer movie bash, I took a look at the crazy Japanese Spiderman in Spiderman or Supaidaaman. I'm pretty sure that some sort of Japanese mini-obsession started here.

We saw how Nickelodeon Slipped One Past Us by using the phrase "Skeet Face." I still laugh at that video.

I asked What the Hell Happened to Luke Wilson in the middle of May. The movie I referenced in that post, Blonde Ambition, rolled out this week and made a whopping $1300 in its opening weekend. I'm pretty sure know I could make a movie that does better than that.

In what has been probably my most popular post all time (not involving chicas), I broke down how to Ghost Ride Your Whip.

In a random post, I gave you an awesome white guy giving us an NBA freestyle and a Backstreet Boys stalker in Who Doesn't Want It That Way?.

In response to my BCS Top 5 Chicas, Shorty gave us her BCS Top 5 Dudes.

Near the end of May, for Memorial Day, we took a look at some National Anthem Disasters. My boy Todd is going to sing the National Anthem in January at a hockey game. I hope it goes better than these.

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