Thursday, December 20, 2007

Year In Recap: Best of March

Round three of the year in recap, and that means its time to take a look at the best of the 14 posts from the month of March.

I asked What the Hell Happened to Avril Lavigne (Part 2) and showed you her new video "Girlfriend." I also gave you an awesome Asian lip-syncing video. My favorite part of that post may have been a picture from the video that I used in another post and here on the left. I have no clue who that guy is, but I have probably single-handedly increased his internets exposure by 300%.

I revealed my BCS: Man Crush List publicly for the first time in March. Its amazing how this has changed since then.

I gave you an in-depth look at ninjas and the show Ninja Warrior in early March.

When NCAA tournament time rolled around, I told you that It's Not Like I Get Anything Done Anyway because all I do is watch the tourney. I also gave you some advice by way of ridiculous videos with who not to pick in your pools.

With Shandi Finnessey making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars, I renewed my campaign to get Chuck Woolery to take over the PIR in a post entitled Woolery, Shandi and DWTS. I still think Woolery would be a better host than Drew Carey.

I unveiled my BCS: Bottom Five near the end of March. I still strongly dislike/hate most of those people, although I can already guarantee you that list will change when I make it again next March (although Sandra Oh will probably still be number, I hate her).

Until the April recap...

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