Friday, December 28, 2007

Year In Recap: August

I got the blog back rolling again in August, cresting the double-digit marks on posts again. So, here comes the August recap.

I gave you a look at QVC: The Overlooked Channel and some of the crazy things that appear on it.

I complained about that Sean Kingston song "Suicidal" in the post No, You Make Me Suicidal. It also had the video of that crazy dude falling at the X Games and the picture above.

I let Avril back into my life in the post Avril, I Wish I Could Quit You. Nothing more to say here.

We took a long look at my boy I Am A Real (US) American. Our boy, Hulk has gone through some rough times lately - I can only hope he'll read this post and cheer up.

I ended my Summer Vacation when The Office said they ended theirs. We also had an awesome look into It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a show I now love.

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