Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Did You Know Hanukkah Started Yesterday?

Well, thanks to the lack of new TV, I have no new TV on my DVR so I just watched a Jay Leno episode from what had to be the early 90's. No leather couches (just uncomfortable looking chairs), David Copperfield as a guest (and bragging about banging Cindy Crawford) and Leno with hair worse than this. Anyway, you learn some interesting things when there's no TV on. For instance, I just learned that Hanukkah started yesterday. All I really knew about Hanukkah came from Adam Sandler and 8 Crazy not much. I've been saving a video just for this occasion, so here's a video of some NBA stars demonstrating their knowledge of Hanukkah.

That's right, keep 'em torched.

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