Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Nutty Buddy

As a dude, there are several things you learn growing up. One of them is getting tagged in the nuts is not a lot of fun. I remember the first time I got hit, playing t-ball when I was 5. I was playing 3rd base, took a line-drive right off of the tee. I immediately buckled over, feeling the worst pain of my short-lived life. Ever the competitor, I grabbed the ball, crawled to 3rd base, and got the force-out from the unmercifully slow kid on 2nd base. Then I went and sat on my mom's lap. Knowing that, why would anyone ever wear the pants shown on the left? It doesn't make any sense. Do they expose your nuts? No. But why would want your cod piece hanging out of your pants. What happens if you get a random boner? What then? I guess the only reason you would weat these would be for an easy-access handskie.

...back to baseball. After t-ball, we moved up to machine pitch and they required you to wear a cup. My coach always threatened to do a cup check (by tapping you with a bat, what are you thinking?), but I never saw him do it. Back then, we just bought plastic cups - we didn't have these crazy cups. This guy, a former MLB player I guess, takes a pitching machine to the nuts from relatively close range. There's a little bit of setup, but its kinda nuts and makes you really nervous if you're a guy.

I don't care who you are - that guys an idiot. Although maybe not as dumb as this guy. If you want to see a few more pitching machine tests, there are a bunch of them in this video.

I don't know why watching a guy get hit by pitching repeatedly not in the cup is funny, but that made me laugh.

(HT: D&T)


D Wheezy said...

I gotta assume the lady in the video is that guy's sister or friend or something and not his girlfriend / wife. The way she laughs after every hit makes me think she planned it that way.

Maybe an ex-girlfriend.

Double M said...

There is no way in hell I'm letting an ex-girlfriend line up and shoot me with a pitching machine. No. Way. In. Hell.

Ben said...

maybe she was a girlfriend and they had decided they didnt want kids.

also if you were wearing those pants and someone tried to give a little cock slap and all they hit was fabric you might be embarassed. and for those of us in minnesota it would never work. shrinkage.

D Wheezy said...

Maybe she WAS a current girlfriend, but post video became an ex-girlfriend.

Sorry to hear about your shrinkage Ben.

Ben said...

so what she got pissed off at him for breaking up with her and put it on the internet as somekind of freakish sex tape.