Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year In Recap: November

We're down to the final two recaps. With my new posting method in full effect, November took off with 18 posts a lot of videos and not a lot of writing. I felt like I really hit my stride in November, and I saw my hits and subscriptions double, which is a good thing.

In November, I apparently had an obsession with bad commercials. In the post Tiddy Bear and Some Skeet Throwing had a couple outrageous ones. Who makes something with the word "tiddy" that sits on your chest?

There was an Emergency BCS Top 5 Change (maybe removal was the better word) because Elisha Cuthbert went a little crazy with her hair. I have since been told that this is illegal; however, I'm still removing her, just not replacing her. I also included some awesome/ludicrous dance videos in that post.

I gave you an awesome story about A Real Life Dwight vs. Michael at my gym in one post, but my favorite thing in that post may have been the Cowbell Hero video.

Whether or not you like Mike Huckabee, I told you a video he was in About to be All Over the Internets because it featured Chuck Norris and was entitled HuckChuckFacts.

Anytime Will Ferrell makes a short video that makes me laugh, I'll write about it/post it. Green Team did that.

When a referee penalizes a football player for "Giving Him The Business" and its caught on tape, you can be pretty sure it'll get posted here.

I showed you some of the craziest/weirdest Japanese Fanta commercials and reminded you that I Love Japanese Stereotypes in one crazy post. This post was like the 6th time in the month of November that I used commercials...

There was more Japanese shananigans to be had in November. In the post I'm A Man... Engrish and poor translations but somehow tied that all together with a video about chicks peeing while standing up. I'm not sure why, but the Urinelle commercial (another commercial!) theme song popped in my head the other day.

I told you to Prepare to be Seduced by Snoop Dogg's new song, Sensual Seduction. This song is catchy - if you like funk, you will eventually like this song.

Until the final recap...

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