Saturday, December 29, 2007

Willy, Il Principe Di Bel Air

I love Will Smith (although I'm boycotting his new movie because I hear he has to kill his own dog) but I'm not sure how he would translate into other languages. I have no clue, but apparently they translated The Fresh Prince of Bel Air into Italian. I have to imagine a lot of stuff was lost in translation (except for Carlton's dances) and it wouldn't be as funny, but you never know I guess. You be the judge.

That just doesn't sound like Will does it. Fortunately for Will, its not just The Fresh Prince that had issues translating to other languages. We've already seen the Japanese Spiderman, but have you've yet to see the 1964 Italian interpretation.

WTH? Seriously, why is Spiderman's belly sticking out of his shirt? This is the least fit superhero ever.

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TK said...

Holy crap. That Italian Spiderman clip gets better every time I watch it. You've made my 2008, and it's only been two days.