Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Year In Recap: Best Of January

I'm stealing an idea from one of my favorite websites, Deadspin, and leading up to the new year I'm going to be recapping some of my favorite posts on a month-by-month basis (if I was better my weekly recaps this would be even easier). Anyway, since January comes first, here's the January Recap:

The first post of the year was a video shown to me by my little bro and one that a bunch of people probably missed. Its a video from some guy named Zlad who severely butchers the English in his song. The post was called Hey Baby Wake Up From Your Asleep and that's an actual line he uses in the video. If you watch one video in this recap, make it this one.

The NFL playoffs are almost here and my adopted team for last year's playoffs were the San Diego Super Chargers and in this post I found gave you their theme song. I forgot all about this song and I'm not going to put it on my Ipod and blare it out over my speakers at work.

I sang the Tom Brady ballad from the post entitled Uuuhhhggg-rrr! Means Tom Brady as I've had him on 2 of my fantasy teams (even though he cost me this week). There was also an awesome American Idol video where a chick sings like a lion that is no longer available there...but it is available here (and you should really watch it again).

The Office: Pam Vs. Karen sparked a nearly year-long debate (and one of the funniest episodes of The Office) and also had my favorite picture of the month and probably of the year. As a result, I've placed it on the right so you don't even have to click on the link (if you do; however, you'll get to see an awesome Diddy video).

The last post of January was probably my favorite and I used something called JumpCut to cut and add the video to the Internets myself (which lead to some random chick putting a <3 in my comments and I had no clue what that meant until then - its a heart) - its a dubbed over battle from the Power Rangers which made me laugh a lot entitled They Call Me A Mastadon Cuz I Got The Trunk In The Front.

Until the February recap...

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