Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Year In Recap: Best of February

In keeping with my (new) tradition, I'm recaping the best of each month over the last year here on the Skeet Thrower. I started with January (as you can imagine), so now I'm moving onto February.

I found an awesome clip for the post: Name This Country: ASIA! Nothing like making fun of stereotypes...I never do that.

I hit my 100th post in February and gave you a post ingeniously titled Its The 100th Post Extravaganza. I think Wheezy is coming up on his 100th post himself, so keep a look out for that one.

Throughout my time here at the Skeet Thrower I love to bring up some of the favorite things from my childhood. In the post Master of Turtles and a Ninja Rap I found out that some of my friends consider me a master of the Turtles. I also gave you a throwback video from Vanilla Ice.

I gave you some awesome Rainn Wilson videos (and a topical reference at the time) in the post I'm About To Make It Rainn!

I know this isn't on this blog, but someone also wrote a post about me in February. I'm now on top of her all the time - and by that I mean I'm her boss (wait...someone put me in charge of someone else? More on that some other time). What were you thinking.

Until the March recap...

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