Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Wish I Would Have Tried This

I used to own a Geo Tracker, quite simply one of the most ridiculous cars a person could own. It looked very similar to the picture on the right, except it had bigger tires, a steel I-beam for a bumper and a running bar (it was a farm vehicle I purchased second hand). To help you understand the quality of the Tracker: I was able to buy a book that explained how to take apart and reassemble every part of the Tracker, including the engine block.

Anyway, we had a lot of good times in the Tracker jumping curbs/medians, off-roading in a vehicle "built for off-roading (but will probably result in this if you get a little too crazy)" and trying to tip the car over from the inside (we were dumb, but you could seriously get it on two wheels if everyone threw their weight to one side or the other). But there's one thing I wish I would have tried before I let the Tracker go (exercise caution on the don't need sound anyway):

Those guys had to be tanked - no one would try that sane/sober.

I don't know where the Tracker is today (I sold it to some kid after the clutch went out. Don't worry, the Karma gods smiled on me: it was a rebuilding project for him and his dad), but I hope whoever has it, they are enjoying it as much as I did.


D Wheezy said...

I'm not going to lie to you anymore Mueller. The clutch went out because I tried that very stunt while we were living in Austin.

If only I had known you were an off road junkie like myself, we could have shared in the moment forever.

I will regret not having you there for the rest of my life.


Double M said...

I guess that explains it...I wish I would have been there. Although, we did share a lot of moments whilst in Austin.

I finally feel like I can put that chapter of my life behind me now. The car part, that is.