Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year In Recap: June

In the sixth installment of my recap, I'm going to cover June. This shouldn't be a surprise to you a June is the sixth month.

Remember in the May recap when I talked about the summer movie run (of course you do, it was yesterday)? Well, in the post Who's Knocked Up? we saw Michael Cera and capitalized on the upcoming movie Knocked Up (which was quite funny).

Remember that damn Buy You A Draaaaaaank song from this summer? In this post I made fun of it and found a video that did as well.

Remember this picture on the right? Its from the post Phil Is Phat Fat and a Small Recap. There's also an awesome San Antonio Spurs rap.

Remember when I was mad at Avril to the point that I wrote a post about Crossing Avril Out Of My Life? That didn't last long. I still love Sk8r Boi and Complicated is just all the more true.

Remember when I was Peacing Out at National Instruments? My last post in June was bittersweet as it signaled my last day of my first real jobby-job. And look what I'm missing out on.

Until the July recap.

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