Friday, December 28, 2007

Year In Recap: July

I've finally reached the back half of the recaps. Turns out this is a lot more work than you'd imagine...and all I'm doing is looking at my old posts. Anyway, onto the July posts.

Even though I moved, the blog rolled on in New Job, New Digs, Same Blog. You also got a bad-ass Die Hard 4 music video (see more summer movie references).

R. Kelly gave us the behind the scenes look at Trapped in the Closet (and how some of his rhymes don't work) in Dresser Doesn't Rhyme With Baretta.

We looked at some really bad rap in Will I Get Sick If I Eat A Cholo. Really bad.

I gave you a story of how I ended up at a gay bar and asked Does TMNT Talk Work At A Gay Bar.

July was a short month. Until the August recap.

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